Sunday, May 17, 2009

sss gov ph

The URL of the SSS Official website is

For a long time since the midst of the 2008, the SSS website is down. SSS members who want to check their contribution or get the Static Information couldn't access the website. The main reason of the website's problem is server's problem

It seems that SSS information technology personnel are not yet ready in making the SSS website the main venue where members can do a lot of things instead of visiting their branches and transact business there.

By early March 2009, the site was live again. The website was fully changed. But then members couldn't check their account because there was something wrong in the registration process of the website.

I my self tried to register at the website for several times, but I was also sent email telling me that the registration process that I did failed.

I also tried to call their hotlines but they're all dead... if not, no one will answer the call.

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  1. panu pb ako mkkpgregidter hinde ako mkpsok dhl meron hinihingi crn? ang alam ko lng po sss# im noel t. manzalay jr. my sss# 3373743253 tnx